FRIENDS OF JORDAN SOCIETY is a welfare society registered in Amman, Jordan in 2000 (No. 200011100018). The society is run by a group of Jordanian ladies for supporting welfare programs in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Society's main target is to provide better educational and social conditions for the less privileged families in Jordan.

Projects accomplished by the society

  • Donating $50,000 to Al-Amal Cancer Center to be allocated for the children section.
  • Establishing four chicken farms in Almafrak to become a source of income for families in the area.
  • Donating a heating system for Alsalam Center in Rusaifeh for the elderly.
  • Donating an ambulance car to The Social Development Center to be assigned for Wadi Rum area.
  • Donating an ambulance car to the Tuberculosis Center in Almafrak.
  • Establishing Ghore Safi Public Library.
  • Donation of school fees, stationery and school bags for needy elementary students in Ghore Safi area.
  • Donation of High School Government Exam fees (Tawjihi) for forty needy students.
  • Annual donation of 200 food parcels and clothes to needy families during the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Establishing the Fefa Kindergarten in 2002, with the cooperation and support of the Arab Potash Company, Public Security Department and the Jordan Valley Authority, which accommodates 50 students free of charge. The society provides the students with uniforms, shoes, stationery, clothes and gifts and finances the salaries and rearwards of the employees.
    The KG was completely renovated in 2013. In 2014,the society and in cooperation with Edama and Potash Company managed to provide Solar System to produce electricity for the KG and the surrounding facilities.
  • Funding and building three houses with Habitat for Humanity in the Middle East for three needy families in Ghor Fefa, a project based on the cooperation between the two NGO’s, the house owner, the community and volunteers from schools in Jordan and other countries.
  • Donating two wheelchairs, a freezer and 2000JD to "The lady of the mount" orphanage, Anjara.
  • Donating food parcels and gifts for Christmas celebration.
  • Training a selected group of women from the south Jordan Valley area with the goal of helping them start their own tailoring business.
  • Funding ten needy students for higher education.
  • Supporting the cancer foundation.
  • In 2019 His Majesty King Abdulla the Second and Her Majesty Queen Raina honored our society with their visit to the Fefa Kindergarten and granted us a Royal gift by building a multi purpose room and a public park in the KG premises that will both be administrated by our society to serve the community.

Future Projects

In addition to improving and updating our current projects, the society intends to work in collaboration with the community initiatives at Ghore Safi area starting with Himeh w Lameh and Basamat Shababiyeh to develop and improve the skills in the community through the "I Can"program.

The society also aims at expanding the solar system in the KG which was granted by the Arab Potash Company in 2014 to include the new extension and the park.


  • Fund raising activities held by the society.
  • Donations extended by individuals and organizations.

*The members cover all the running expenses thus saving all the raised funds for the society’s activities.

Board members (2018-2022)

  • Randa Saifi Shalan (President)
  • Riva Haddad Sharbein (Vice President)
  • Suhair Fatayerji Miqdadi (Treasurer)
  • Kholoud Agha Shami (Secretary)
  • Saheer Habash Asfour
  • Hadia Tabri Muasher
  • Flare Zawati Majali
  • Hind Batayneh Shalan
  • Tawheed Taba'
  • Tamara Akrawi Sabagh
  • Maram Malhas Qadoumi
  • Nadia Tash